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(well not me, but my online little shop is open 24/7)
Go check out my store and get your hands on some original designs and  cool gifts!

If you are a local from Breda and would like to do some studio-shopping, please contact me.
Pick up is almost always possible, and I will be organizing STUDIO SHOPPING on several occasions a year.


14 April: Marché Hoezee, Pier15, Veilingkade 12, Breda

18/19 April: Playgrounds, Het Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

19+20 Mei: LOCAL SUNSHINE PINKSTER MARKET, Hof Pop, Grijpskerke

15 Juni: Graphic Art Market, onderdeel van Illustrada van Stichting Playgrounds, Tilburg 

8 September: Marché Hoezee, Pier15, Veilingkade 12, Breda

24 November: Marché Hoezee, Pier15, Veilingkade 12, Breda

These are some of my available prints and products. You can order them by email. Please mention the amount of cards/prints and name of the design. I will send you an invoice with the total + postage costs. Or contact me if you have any questions about the work for sale: You can check resellers on the ABOUT page.
Etsy shop always open! Most (smaller) products available there too!

'TROOST', cards for difficult (and inbetween) moments
€ 3,95

Double card, A7, blank inside, 300grams, with PaperWise envelope, beautiful paper for delicate subjects.

5 €

High quality matches in a decorated matchbox make a perfect small gift.
Available in 'let's go where the wifi is weak', 'shine bright like a diamond', 'you light my fire', all good things are wild and free', courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid' or a mix. 

SINGLE GREETINGCARD,  A5 size (15-21cm)
3,95 €

These cards are printed on 300 grams  BioTop  unbleached paper, and have a soft natural feel. Comes with a craft, white or yellow envelope. 

A2 POSTER (42x59 cm)
15 euro

Printed poster on 250 grams paper, based on a riso design I made in 2020.  

Carnaval des Animeaux - HIGH QUALITY ART PRINT /  30 x 40 cm
49,50 euro 

This serie has some magical animals in the main role. They are minding their own business, enjoying themselves with all sorts of outside activities. Why don't you follow their example? They come signed and numbered in a serie of 80. They are printed on Hahnemuller German Etching -a beautiful matte paper with a bit of structure; almost aquarel paper- and locally printed in Breda. The inks are high pigmented inks that will last for years and years.

CARD/ postcard,  A6 size (10-15cm)
1,95 €
9,50 euro  plus postage

This rabbit is an amulet-pin you can give to a traveller. It's been tested on my friend S. who went to Mozambique, and got back in one piece.
Worked like a charm!

Wear this little friend on your jacket or backpack. He will accompany you during all your skydiving adventures,
beachcombing, ponyhugging, piña colada, sunrises and sunsets. Always keep your little charm close to remember the sweet loving
people back home. This way the rabbit will travel with you, but will also accompany you on your journey back home!
(The rabbit is animal testing-free, and results of the past are no guarantee for the future..)

9,50 euro  plus postage

This amulet-pin is an original way of saying thank you. Enjoy your amulet while wearing it or keep it somewhere special.

As part of the Come-Back-Rabbit-series (travel amulet), the Thank-You-Baboon has a different purpose: it’s a talisman to cheer someone up or make someone smile which lasts much longer than a handshake or a chocolate bar. You can keep ‘em or pass on the Thank-You-Baboon to thank someone else instead and spread the joy! (The baboon is guaranteed animal testing-free).

9,50 euro  plus postage

Having trouble relaxing these days? Always in a rush? Wear this amulet-pin and have it remind you that we can all be super chill.

There's no need to buy a hammock, or book a trip to a quiet beach, this amulet-pin is your  perfect reminder to relax, calm down and take it easy. Start relaxing right away and give out some high fives on the way.(The camel is guaranteed animal testing-free).

9,50 euro  plus postage

Sometimes you're feeling under the weather, or just not feeling well. Whatever the case may be, instead of just feeling blah, this pin is here to remind you of all the people out there that wish you well and want you to get back to a healthy, energetic self.  We hope this pin will give the strength you need to make sure you're feeling strong and healthy, both mentally and physically. (The whale is guaranteed animal testing-free).

9,50 euro  plus postage

We all know dodos are super friendly with a bubbly personality! They welcomed everybody on their island! Be like the dodo, be positive and say yes to adventure in your life. Wear this pin as a reminder to be naivly positive, to not always take the smart option, because who wants smart (BORING!!) when you can say yes to a potential new adventure, right? Ready to say 'yes'? To a new storyplot, a new love or maybe even a ….. ring? Wear this amulet-pin instead of screaming ‘I DO’ all the time. And let just hope it's a not so stupid choice.  (The dodo is guaranteed animal testing-free).

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