'Herdenk werk' / Commemorative illustration

Over the past few months it has become increasingly clear to me in what direction I want my work to go. I've always worked on commission to help announce the ‘happier’ moments, such as posters or birth announcements, but I also want to focus more on making work that offers comfort or can help in a difficult period. My work will not suddenly change, but I will focus more on 'comfort work' and look forward to my developments on this area.

In the autumn I made my first 'commemorative work'... a print with ingredients that remind of a special person. I am grateful that I can use my creativity and imagination to transform bits and pieces of memories into a piece of art that specifically tell a story about this one person.

I would love to translate your precious memory into a special custom creation, completely according to your wishes. Please reach out for more info.

Cards for the difficult moments

Below you can find the first design made for a serie of cards that are perfect for those moments that words are hard to find. I plan on adding more throughout the year. 

This design called 'comforting moon' is available as a A6 double sided card, with blank inside and no text pre printed.