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Hi! I'm a Holland based illustrator living in Breda. If you're looking for a handmade, paper and original collage-style illustration: welcome! Have a look around. I also love doing collage-like graphic design projects as you can see in my portfolio in the poster department.

I have a real penchant for paper, it's an exciting feeling when choosing the colour palette from tons of previously painted papers, cutting silhouettes and shapes with my scissors, and creating a new image, an ILLUSTRATION that will bring a smile and some joy to your day. I add some digital magic using my computer tool and use it to clean the glue and paints stains that keep haunting me. 


Please get in touch if you are interested in a handmade illustration for your magazine, website or book. I also design personalised cards and invitations such as business cards, baby shower/wedding invitations, birth announcement cards etc. 

I recently started with making HERDENK WERK, a custom made artwork to commemorate a special person in your life. I'm very grateful to be able to create something for people that have lost a dear one, using my creativity and imagination to make a symbolic artwork that somehow can bring some comfort.

I'm a lover of: paper, scissors, the same songs on repeat, green, interior design, spending time outside, plants, black coffee, glue, cats, color, quirky fleamarketfinds, food prepared by others and daydreaming. Want to share your thoughts on any of the subjects above? Email me at in NL/EN

Contact me for other things: 

(IMAGE de JULIE is currently NOT hiring any interns)



Clients I worked for:
Stedelijk Museum Breda, Stadsarchief Breda, Flore Verloskundige, Schippers en van Gucht, Alle zielen festival, Marché HOEZEE, HappyMakersBlog, Electron Breda, Reload Magazine, Bakatelier, Jansen Magazine, Brabant Cultureel, TELEAC/schooltelevisie, Cinekid, Cafe Couture, Mirjam Zwolsman tassen, Clavis, Soeps magazine, BKN Branchevereniging Nederlandse Kringloopbedrijven
2000-2004 Kunstacademie (Academy of arts, Bachelor degree) St. Joost, Breda
Discipline: Illustrative Design
1997-2000 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, (MBO Grafisch) Discipline: Graphic Design

Photo made by Ilse Wolf, gif by me


*Van Kemenade Boekhandel, Ginnekenweg Breda
*Brandpunt, Reigerstraat Breda
*Elemental Eco Shop, Boschstraat 66, Breda
*Maretak nieuwetijdswinkel, van Goorstraat 1, Breda

*Studio Zwartzout, Weerijssingel 64, 4812 AC Breda

*Vandemaker, Heuvelstraat 118, 5038 AH Tilburg

*De Familiefabriek, Zandstraat 14, 4101 EG Culemborg
*De Familiefabriek Den Bosch, Vughterstraat 43, 5211 EX 's-Hertogenbosch
*Het geheim van mooie dingen, Laarstraat 57, Zutphen
*In ‘t Wild, Herenplaats 33, 3011 LP Rotterdam

* bijKlaas, Klarendalseweg 109, 6822 GD ARNHEM (kaarten)

* HofPop, Poppendamseweg 3a, Grijpskerke (ansichtkaarten)

If you have a store, and you would like to sell IMAGE de JULIE products, 
please contact me at:

For accurate dates of IMAGE DE JULIE attending a market/organise a private shopping date, please check the facebookpage for updates or le Shopping-page, or subscribe to my newletter.



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