Hi! I'm a Holland based illustrator living in Breda. If you're looking for a handmade, paper and original collage-style illustration: welcome! Have a look around. I also love doing collage-like graphic design projects!

I have a real penchant for paper, it's an exciting feeling when choosing the colour palette from tons of previously painted paper and cardboard, cutting silhouettes and shapes with my scissors, and creating a new image, an ILLUSTRATION that will bring a smile and some joy to your day.


Please get in touch if you are interested in a handmade illustration for your magazine, website or book. I also design personalised cards and invitations such as business cards, baby shower/wedding invitations, birth announcement cards etc. 

I'm a lover of: paper, scissors, french songs, green, bodybuilders, interior design, plants, cappuccino, glue, cats, color, quirky fleamarketfinds, food prepared by others and daydreaming. Want to share your thoughts on any of the subjects above? Email me at Use your language of choice: dutch/english/french.


Contact me: 

(IMAGE de JULIE is currently NOT hiring any interns)


Studio address: Oranjeboomstraat 53, 4812EA Breda, the Netherlands (and I love suprise mail)


2000-2004 Kunstacademie (Academy of arts) St. Joost, Breda
Discipline: Illustrative Design

1997-2000 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, (High School for Graphic Design) Discipline: Graphic Design


Clients I worked for: KoKaDoBox, OLV Gymnasium, Marché HOEZEE, HappyMakersBlog, Yirga, Electron Breda, Noos31, Feito Com Amor, TheekamerPIEN, Bakatelier, Jansen Magazine, Brabant Cultureel, TELEAC/schooltelevisie, Starterslift, Cinekid, Cafe Couture, Mirjam Zwolsman tassen, JDW Gymnasium Dordrecht, Clavis, Business Art Service Raamsdonkveer, Soeps magazine, KOP Kunstenaars Ontmoetings Plek, Reload Magazine, Kindamuzik, Dijkmans Muziek, BKN Branchevereniging Nederlandse Kringloopbedrijven,  Belle Bazaar.


Publications & activities

*Ongoing exposition at Jan en Alleman, St Janstraat, Breda​
*Organising Marché Hoezee, with Eva Geene, Breda
*posterdesign Marché Hoezee
*Organising CRAFT NIGHT Breda

*Ongoing exposition at Jan en Alleman, St Janstraat, Breda
*Organising Marché Hoezee, with Eva Geene, Breda
*posterdesign Marché Hoezee
*Organising CRAFT NIGHT Breda

*organising Marché Hoezee, with Eva Geene, Breda
*posterdesign Marché Hoezee
*windowdrawing at Bakatelier
*windowdrawing workshop at OLV Gymnasium, Nacht van het Afscheid

*Mercado de Belcrum, creative market, posterdesign
*Organisation of Mercado de Belcrum together with Electron Breda
*windowdrawing at Bakatelier
*windowdrawing workshop at OLV Gymnasium, Nacht van het Afscheid
*Curator for Blinde Muur at Chasse Cinema, Breda
*Zelfgemaakte markt december in Utrecht
*De Markt van Morgen, Antwerp
*Windowdrawing Casa Maria Ginnekenweg Breda


*Handmade Circus-Aachen DE
*Local Goodies Market, Amsterdam De Hallen
*Curator for Blinde Muur at Chasse Cinema, Breda
*Windowdrawing for Bakatelier, Mastbosstraat Breda
*Windowdrawing for Noos31- Pop up store Boschstraat Breda
*Zelfgemaakte markt may, june, august, september, december in Utrecht
*De Markt van Morgen-may, Antwerp
*Windowdrawing Casa Maria Ginnekenweg Breda
*Organisation of GDFB Marche (graphic designer market during Graphic Design Festival Breda) together with Michael van Kekem
*Organisation of Mercado de Belcrum together with Electron Breda
and workshops for Kinder Knutsel Kamer for StadsArchief Breda

*Windowdrawing for PIEN, St Janstraat Breda.
*Performance in shop Feito com Amor during Cultuurnacht
*Programming for Blinde Muur at Chasse Cinema, Breda
*Live event-drawing for BKN, in Energiehuis Dordrecht
*Overview of Markets:
Mercado de Belcrum-Breda,
Swan Market-Antwerp,
Zelfgemaakte markt-Utrecht,
Local Gift Market-Breda,
Post21 Mini Markt-Oud-Beijerland,
Kabas-Turnhout BE,
Happy X Market-Breda,
Sunday Market-Amsterdam.
*Happy X Market, was a coop I organized with Eva Geene (Eva's Appels) a small pop-up Christmas market in Breda.

*new drawing on shopwindow at Feito Com Amor, Breda
*Programming for Blinde Muur at Chasse Cinema, Breda 
*Cultuurnacht Breda with Judith Boot and Irene Laros: performance (live soundtrack for selfmade silentmovie) 
*Workshop Lettres d'amour at Feito Com Amor 07+09/02/2013
*Workshop (kringloop) schilderij verfraaien at Feito Com Amor 14+15+16/03/2013
*Mercado de Belcrum 21/04/2013
*Utrechtse Fabriek 19/05/2013
*Nassaudag Breda, Handmade markt in Grote Kerk 20/05/2013
*Hip en Handgemaakt 09/06/2013
*Workshop recycled textiel voor Kringloop event in Den Bosch 29/06/2013
*Utrechtse Fabriek 07/09/2013
*Markt van Morgen, Antwerpen 08/09/2013
*Workshop met Ma Belle Boite in MOTI, Breda voor Open Monumenten dag
*Mercado de Belcrum 22/09/2013
*Pop up Market Dordrecht 29/09/2013
*Sunday Market Amsterdam 06/10/2013 
*Kabas Market, Turnhout Belgium 07/12/2013

Photo made by Ilse Wolf, gif by me


*De Nieuwe Winkel, Tolbrugstraat 24, Breda
*Casa Maria, Ginnekenweg 71, Breda 
*Kamu, Boschstraat 31, Breda
*Van Kemenade Boekhandel, Ginnekenweg Breda
*Brandpunt, Reigerstraat Breda

online and sometimes locally in Breda: 
*KOP shop
*Pupstore (Pupstore also sells at 'Collectiv by Swan' in Breda, Den Bosch and Leiden)

*Voorlopig, Nieuwe Binnenweg 165, 3014 GK Rotterdam
*Voorlopig Delft, Voorstraat 8, 2611 JP Delft

+De Familiefabriek, Zandstraat 14, 4101 EG Culemborg


If you have a store, and you would like to sell IMAGE de JULIE products, 
please contact me at:
I'm working on a digital catalogue. (but it's taking forever..)

For accurate dates of IMAGE DE JULIE attending a market, please check the facebookpage for updates or le Shopping-page.


Video/animation made by Christiaan Overal

©2004 - 2019 by IMAGE de JULIE / Julie van Zessen / contact me at:  
All images are made by Image de Julie, unless stated otherwise. Please do not reproduce without permission or linking back to this site. Thank you.

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